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Using mindfulness and technology – iMuse, a six week case study

I wrote a post a while ago about using vibro acoustic technology in mindfulness after I was offered a taster session. The taster session was exploring how using this sensory experience could help develop a mindful practice, or even help improve mental health.

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How to become a mindfulness teacher

I’ve had a lot of emails recently from people asking how they become mindfulness teachers or tutors so I thought it might  be useful to give you a bit of an overview.

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Using mindfulness in times of difficulty

Many mindfulness practitioners will tell you the most challenging time to keep their mindfulness practice going is when the going gets tough.

When we are going through a difficult time it can be really hard to remember to breathe, to find the time to meditate and to remember all the teaching about letting go of thoughts non judgementally.


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Using vibro acoustic technology in mindfulness

You may be totally phased now by the title of this post…what even is vibro acoustic technology?

Good question

The answer, in a nutshell, is that it’s sound, vibrations and images (the images affected by the vibrations and the sound and your voice and movements if you choose to interact that way), all pulled together into a space that you spend time in. The result is that this technology can help you relax, be mindful, feel calmer and has been used as a mindfulness therapy for people with mental health issues.

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I quit my job yesterday

Yes I really did. Hence the reason I’m awake at 4am!

This feels like a massive, massive day for me. I’m scared and excited in equal measures.

For about five years now I’ve had a dream. A dream to write, to run workshops, to work with people to deliver a message about living a different life; a life that is the opposite of consumption. Which is about family, and good food, nature and spontaneity and meditation and letting go.

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What is this mindfulness and why is it so hard to explain?

I’m in the process of writing a number of articles, books and workbooks about mindfulness and mindful living, and each time I seem to come back to a hurdle: what actually is mindful living? what is mindfulness? How do I explain these ideas to someone who’s maybe only heard them in passing, never heard of them, or heard of them a few times but has no idea what they actually are?

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Six reasons why pets can make you more mindful

Pets are pretty amazing. They don’t tell on you if all you do on a Friday night is eat takeaway in your pants. If you want to wear your pyjama pants three days running they’ll still love you. They don’t post pictures to social media of you snoring. Their little personalities are all different and they are loving, and depend on you (OK not so much cats). I should know. We have six. Yes you heard right, six of the little darlings. Two dogs and four cats. Our hybrid family came together from a mix of locations; two single households, some joint ownership and two failed foster cats. (Failed in the sense that I couldn’t give them back.)

You’d be forgiven, particularly if you’re not a pet owner or animal lover for thinking we’re pretty bonkers for having so many pets. However we love our busy household full of furry friends. And since I’ve been practising mindfulness, I realised something about pets, which is pretty good for me. They make you more mindful.

Betty the Pug practicing acceptance

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