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How mindfulness can help anxiety

Anxiety can have a debilitating effect on your life; from the out and out cold fear you feel every day that something terrible is going to happen, to the physical symptoms of chest pain, shoulder and neck tension, headaches, nausea, palpitations and clamminess.

If you suffer from severe anxiety you’ll know that finding anything that can help even reduce symptoms a tiny bit would be a godsend.

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Could gut bacteria be the answer to your mental health and food intolerances?

So disclaimer first:

whilst I have personal experience of mental health, food intolerances and improving my gut bacteria, I am no expert, or specialist. You should ALWAYS seek medical advice before taking supplements, altering your diet significantly or making changes to your health, because you are very important and so is your health.

Phew, so moving on. I am so very excited to share with you something I’ve discovered about my health which I had to work out through research and scouring the internet for hours.; how gut health can completely change your health

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