Mindfulness Courses and Talks


If you’d like to learn more about mindfulness, there’s a range of options; from a short one hour talk to an eight week course.

These can be booked on Thursday afternoons, Fridays and weekends and I can deliver evening talks and courses too.

Talks, workshops and courses are booked by you; for your group, or perhaps you’ve got a group of friends or family together who need mindfulness?

You can also book a talk, or mindfulness course for your workplace, a group of colleagues, or an organisation that you’re a part of such as a rotary club or WI.

I can travel within a 25 mile radius of York.  If you’d prefer I can run them at the Community Wellbeing Centre on Merchantgate in the centre of York, for a small additional cost.


Perhaps you’d like to know a bit more about mindfulness? Maybe you’ve heard the word but know nothing about it, or what it can do to help you?

Get a group together, and book a  talk about mindfulness at your own venue, and you’ll soon know lots about it! You can book a talk for a group of friends or family, a group you’re part of, for your workplace, or for an organisation.

Usually a talk will cover the basics of mindfulness; it’s history, what it is, how it can help and the evidence that mindfulness works.  We usually end with a meditation. There will an opportunity for questions at the end.

If you’d like to create a bespoke talk for your group, business or organisation we can do that too. Whether that’s on using mindfulness in the workplace, how it helps stress,  how to be more compassionate or something else you’re interested in.

A talk, including questions will last up to an hour.

To book a talk click here.


Weekly mindfulness groups

If you’ve undertaken a mindfulness course, it can be very easy to let your practice slip and undo all the good work you’ve started.

Daily life, schedules, and busy workloads mean that a few months down the line you’ve forgotten what you learnt and are more stressed than ever.

The only way for mindfulness to make long term change is to practice it often, preferably daily.  Set up a group for your organisation or workplace, and you’ll have protected time to talk about mindfulness challenges. You can also  meditate and learn about new books, courses and websites.

This is a great way to reset your intention to be mindful every week!