Mindfulness, or what I refer to as mindful living,  is essentially a toolkit of good stuff like being kind to yourself and others,  letting go of the thousands of thoughts you have every day, meditating,  living simply, making time to appreciate the great little things happening right now and accepting sometimes things are as they are, and working out how best to deal with them.

I used to be a much grumpier, sadder, lots of stuff owning person. In the end I got to a point where I wanted a different life for myself. So I went on a mindful course, I learnt to meditate. I got rid of over fifty per cent of my stuff,   and persuaded my wife to do the same. I learnt to live a simpler life; out in nature, away from debt, away from the expectations of ‘have more, do more’.

By learning to live mindfully I managed to stop taking medication.  I manage any anxiety I still do experience through breathing and meditation and I can honestly say I’m happy about 90% of the time (because actually crap things still happen and sometimes even a mindful person has to work through them).

In terms of what experience I have to be telling other people what they can do to be mindful, I’ve done the 8 week mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) course which is the key course for learning about mindfulness. I’m a trained coach having completed an International Coaching Federation approved course.

I’ve also done a 1 year advanced mindfulness course, and I continue to read and learn all the time about mindfulness, minimalism and simple living.  I’ve been practicing meditation, and mindfulness for a good few years now, so I live what I write!