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Free Ebook on finding happiness through mindfulness

So I’ve been busy beavering away at mindful towers on something I’m passionate about; writing ebooks. I plan to write lots more ebooks but this is my first one and I’m really excited to share it with you all. It’s all about finding happiness.

Why write an ebook on happiness?

I wanted to create something that helped give people more of an overview of how mindfulness can help you in daily life. I think for me mindfulness is most useful when you use it in daily life.

I love finding mindful moments (which you can find over on Instagram – @themindfulhubuk) mostly in nature, which remind me how beautiful the world I live in is every day. I love using mindfulness to help me manage stress, and have good mental health, and a sense of wellbeing. It’s why I’m always trying to share it with others!

Mindfulness as you know if you read this blog is one of my biggest passions. Alongside this being happy is another of my favourite things. Duh! Who doesn’t want to be happy? I have tried finding happiness in so many ways over the years; through external means, changing jobs, changing cities, buying new stuff but what I realise now is my happiness is my choice. I can choose to be happy with what I have, in the moment I am in now. Even if I am having a tough time. I talk about this more in the book.

So if you’re interested in how mindfulness can work for you, how you can use mindfulness to find your happy or just to have a go at the mindfulness bingo grid in the book, click to sign up to the newsletter below and you’ll get email with the link to the free ebook.

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