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Why I haven’t blogged for over a month – also known as being a bit overwhelmed by it all…

It’s been over a month since I posted last. That’s the longest time in a while. It’s not that I have nothing to say. I’ve actually got about a dozen posts in my head, but I haven’t wanted to go near my blog. Why I hear you ask? (Well you may not be but I’m going to tell you anyway)

Well I got stuck in being totally overwhelmed by life. Cue mental shutdown. The metaphorical storm shutters came down and I just could not go near. There’s a few reasons for this. Life is actually overwhelming me right now anyway; the recent terrorist attacks, the awful fire at Grenfell Tower, the general election, these things have affected me on one level. Trying to run your life when people are unsettled is not the easiest. Then there’s my blog.  You see I have this idea that I want to make my blog more than just the ramblings of a mindfully simple minimalist (mouthful alert). I want to create something that I can run as a business too. I’m a trained coach, even though my skills are rusty. I want to be able to use them by combining them with mindfulness and simple living to help people using what I’ve discovered and learned along the way. I love writing stuff. I particularly love writing stuff on mindfulness, minimalism and living simply. I love what happens when you do these things, and the impact it has on your life. I want to help reach others through my writing to help them make the changes they want to see. So I want to grow my blog to be something bigger, brighter, better.
That’s kind of where it all went wrong. I started the almighty Googling. You know the routine. Where you have an idea, so you go and do a bit of research and you end up completely overwhelmed by all the things you find, and hence give up. I was under a pile of websites on how to increase your SEO (search engine optimisation – I know…don’t worry I won’t go into detail!), build email funnels, create marketing lists, build brands….the list goes on and on. Suddenly it all felt too hard. I guess I put my hands over my ears, closed my ears and starting singing ‘La la la la la’ to myself whilst gently rocking. It even made me doubt whether I wanted to continue.
So I decided to take a break. In the month I’ve not blogged, I’ve had some time to think, and I also got to discover a really fantastic book recommended to me: Be a Free Range Human – Escape the 9 to 5 to create a life you love, and still pay the bills by Marianne Cantwell. If you’ve ever thought about getting out of the office, or a traditional ‘job’ to be your own boss, I highly recommend this book and I will do another post about it some time as it’s post worthy in itself. It’s a really, really simple, fun, and insightful book and actually it talks about making things fun again. So I got rid of all the Google pages for a bit, and got stuck deeply into this book
The book made me realise how much I love blogging, and the people who read my posts. Coincidentally during this month, even though I’ve not created a post, lots of you have been reading, and liking the blog which made me think ‘Yeah there is a reason I do it’. You see I’m not just writing because I  like it (although luckily I do) but also because I want to be able to bring some happiness, some thought provoking ideas, and some peace to those of you who want something different. A different way of life from the ‘have more, do more’ approach so often championed in the media and by others. A way of life that allows you to kick back, enjoy a cup of coffee in the garden devoid of any phones, TV or other distractions that connect you to our vastly stimulated world. A way of life that helps you learn to relax through meditation, to take the mindful toolkit and use the tools as you need them. To be kinder; to yourself predominantly, but also to others.
So here I am…back on my laptop, furiously tapping away – I have a ton of draft posts as I said, and that’s what I am going to get stuck into. The bit I love; writing, creating posts about things that inspire, teach me about life, and share thoughts. What I’m also going to do is start to create some new stuff which I am really excited about; some free ebooks for you on mindfulness, simple living and minimalism, and if you’re inspired and want to do more, some workbooks you can buy for a reasonable (as opposed to over inflated price), to get stuck in and change your world for the better.  I’ve wanted to do this for ages, but I guess fear has been holding me back (another blog post in the making). I’m already well on with the mindfulness ebook and I hope you like them as much as I am enjoying making them.
Escape the ordinary.jpg
Sent to me by a friend – at exactly the right time!
If you’re suffering from similar overwhelm about an area or areas of your life, or like me have found the events we’ve been experiencing in the UK pretty overwhelming recently my advice to you is stop! Take a break. Particularly take a break from social media, from TV, from radio, from newspapers. Get out in the world. Meet up with the people you love. Get lost in a book. Go for a run. Take a holiday. Volunteer. Do something nice for someone else. Have lie in’s. Drink coffee. Eat cake. Get out in nature. Swim. Laugh. Do this once and repeat often. That’s how I have come through my overwhelm. Actually and remarkably when I did this all the answers I needed came to me anyway. Life’s like that isn’t it?
Are you stuck in overwhelm or have you been recently? Let me know about it and what you did to escape it…

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