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Why I started blogging…

I recently saw a few of the bloggers I follow write about why they started blogging and inviting others to do the same, so thought I’d share my story for newer readers and those who’ve been with me for nearly two years and forgotten what my blog is all about!

It all started on a different theme: minimalism. You’ll see some of my posts are still about minimalism and I am still definitely a practitioner of minimalism, particularly of the simple living approach although I haven’t nailed it yet. So hashtagminimalistliving.wordpress.com was born as a way to share my journey on the way to some utopia of minimalism. I loved sharing posts on my ongoing struggle to form a capsule wardrobe, (although you’ll still see posts on that as it’s a work in progress!). However as some other bloggers have alluded to, there’s only so many times you can write about decluttering or only so many times I wanted to write about it. Alongside this I was becoming more and more interested in mindfulness and its impact on me, and the benefits that mindfulness can have on others.
I took an 8 week mindfulness course in 2014, as I had read about mindfulness and it’s ability to improve mental health. Initially it helped change my outlook and use a different approach to life, I started trying to anchor myself more into living in the present, accept what I can’t change and learning to meditate brought a calmness in me I hadn’t felt before, but then I wanted to ensure that I kept it going. I have started like a million things in life which I haven’t kept going, and this felt like mindfulness could be so important to me, I didn’t want to start it and then stop practicing a few months later.  So I started up a practice group in York in the UK with a couple of other students from the course. Two years later, and we have a range of people in the group who’ve also been through an 8 week course, and like me want to keep practicing. My love and passion for mindfulness has grown alongside the practice group, and it suddenly seemed like all my blog posts were more around simple living for mindfulness, and about promoting and practicing mindfulness, and so The Mindful Hub was born. My ultimate aim with The Mindful Hub is to grow it, not just into a well used blog but also to offer a resource to link to some of the best mindful sites, meditations and books. I also want to write my own books, and deliver my own courses. I feel so strongly about the impact of mindfulness and it’s ability to bring wellbeing, calm and peace into people’s lives, and I want to share that with all of you, and with a wider audience.
My interest has grown as I practice more and more and about a year ago I decided to become a teacher of mindfulness. So I am on that journey now. To me mindfulness is life changing, everyone should have access to it. I hope I write in an accessible way for those who might not see meditating, compassion or living presently as the most exciting life options; for those who live with depression, anxiety , low mood and even physical pain the practice can make a difference.
I want to share the basics of mindfulness for those of you who have no clue what it is, or have heard it might benefit you, but have no idea how. I also want to grow my practice around all the different aspects of mindfulness and learn more about all those different areas, and share that with people who are also learning about them. So that’s why I started blogging, and now why I keep blogging when sometimes it feels like only me and the cats are reading my posts! All your comments, likes and follows really motivate me, so thank you. It’s great to be in a like minded community, and I learn so much from all of you.
What about you?Why did you start blogging? If you don’t blog, have you ever thought about starting a blog?
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