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The Turning 40 series; Part 1, having a midlife moment

This year, 40 years ago the world changed on it’s axis when I was launched into it, and now , 40 years later, the months are creeping by until my 40th birthday.  I expected to feel fine about this, I was delighted with my 30th, and my 30s have been wonderful years for me, where I’ve romped in the Capital, returned to live nearer my family, met the love of my life and settled in the country. It’s also the decade that I found and embraced mindfulness and minimalism, and started living a lifestyle with less, meditating and living for now. So it’s fair to say out of the three decades of my life, it definitely takes first prize.

Perhaps then that’s why I am more than creeping with intrepidation into my 40s. It’s not true to say I’m having a midlife crisis; I haven’t been seen zipping around in a sports car yet, or having a face lift, but I’m definitely having a midlife moment. I wonder if this is natural for people turning 40, what do you think? I guess I have reached the point in my current career when I’m asking questions about what the future brings in terms of work; thinking about the development of the Mindful Hub and what that means, as well as struggling to try and get health issues under control and I am not sure what is to come for my 40s.

Some of this might be because I used to be a big planner, and goal setter. So aged 25 I had a five year plan. About 5 really big goals to achieve by 30, and I did achieve many of them. I changed my career, I moved to London just after turning 30 and had a ball, I bought a house on my own aged 24, then sold it and bought a flat on my own. I achieved in the eyes of the mainstream. Except in my 30s I found that those things aren’t the things that bring true happiness. For me, true happiness comes from spending time with loved ones, from spending time in nature, from having the security of a permanent home, yes, but not so that it costs so much I have to work just to stand still or takes up so much time that I cannot spend time following my passions. I learnt that I am happiest when I make a difference to others, when I give myself compassion, when I spend time with my family, my pets, when I get to see the flowers in my garden bloom. In having the time to enjoy these things. That kind of knocks out any idea of another five year plan. I have a home, I don’t intend to move. I am happily married, I am near to my family, and able to see them often. I have a good job, and am working on developing my blog and my freelance writing.

So why am I having a midlife moment? I wish I knew the answer…I feel like a little lost astronaut in big outer space. That’s why I decided to create the Turning 40 series; to share with you the experience of having a mid life moment, to hopefully hear from you about your experiences of hitting mid life, or having a crisis. Through the next few months I hope I will emerge from the chrysalis and fly into my 40th birthday in November, but if it doesn’t happen I will use mindfulness, minimalism and simple living to help me accept turning 40, and finding new direction.

Please join me on the journey and any tips for turning 40 will be most gratefully received!


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