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Five reasons to be happy on International Happiness Day

I didn’t know it was international happiness day today? Did you? I found out when someone in our mindful practice group bought in lovely stickers to give us all. That got us thinking, what makes us happy? We came up with a long list (which you’ll see featured on The Mindful Hub soon) of nourishing activities but for now to get your happiness juices flowing here’s five reasons to be happy on International Happiness Day…

1. It’s spring…For us in the UK this means lighter evenings and for me that makes me more active and sociable and more likely to get out and about more. It also means the changeable weather gives us endless conversation for bus stops and queues across the land. Win win!  Flowers are blooming and if you live near sheep, you’ve probably seen a gamboling lamb. We can turn our attentions to summer frocks and Pimm’s (or any fruit based beverage) legitimately at lunchtime!
2. Our family and friends – whatever your situation most of us have a family member or friend that can brighten the darkest day. My wife and my Mum can bring me giggling into fits over the most ridiculous things and knowing people love you and want to be there for you even when you can’t always see it is a pretty good reason for happiness.
Me practicing for International Happiness Day
3. Gratitude. If you’ve ever practiced gratitude (post coming on this soon) you can’t help but feel happy. When you start collecting little things you’re grateful for every day , you get little poofs of happiness on a regular basis. Try finding three things a day you’re grateful for each day and watch your happiness factor sky rocket. Mine today would be my mindfulness practice group, the video my wife took of our dogs playing and the uninterrupted working time I got without meetings to get some work done. Happier already
4. The simplest things make you happy. This is good for those of us who like simple living, or who are just plain skint. You don’t need much money to find happiness. This can be found in a good conversation, sharing memories, a walk in nature, time with a pet, a good book, a great movie. There are lots of little things that can inspire happiness. What simple things make you happy?
5. You made it – If you’ve found this blog, chances are you’re thinking about practicing mindfulness, or minimalism or simple living. You’re already aware that you want to be more aware, more conscious of what is happening to you in life, and live it to the full. No longer will you only ride the roller coaster of unconscious emotions as you try to work out why you’re angry,  why you feel guilty or what’s stopping you live to your full potential. OK it’s not this easy, as you probably know, but the fact you’re looking for happiness within yourself instead of through external factors such as shopping, eating, drinking, smoking, fast cars or big houses means you’ve got a fighting chance you will find happiness closer to home than you think!



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