Agnus Castus – the PMS wonder cure

How many of you have heard of Agnus Castus? I think I would be happy to be my last 50p on the fact most of you haven’t. Although this post is one for the women, so men you’re excused! I had never heard of it before my wife started taking it for PMS (premenstrual syndrome to give it its Sunday name). I scoffed at thinking I had PMS and carried on my merry way but I started noticing after stopping my anti depressants some time ago that I would get more stressed, more angry and more emotional and feeling really unsettled at specific times and so the wise woman that is my wife thrust a capsule in my hand and said ‘take this’. I trust her enormously so swallowed it and carried on, and it was only after a few days when I started dancing around the house which I hadn’t done for a long time that I thought ‘Well what is this miracle cure?’

What she’d given me was called Agnus Castus, which is a herb that helps to balance your hormone levels by reducing oestrogen and increasing progesterone. This means it can help to relieve the symptoms of periods, not only the mood swings that I get but also bloating, cramps, breast tenderness and the other awful symptoms a lot of women get every month.

The amazing Agnus Castus plant

I had long ago come to the conclusion I had too much oestrogen as I have had trouble with facial hair for a number of years, and it’s also a common issue  in people who are overweight. It’s probably also why I was feeling pretty rubbish two weeks out of every four.  I had spoken to lots of doctors and nurses about it, but always been shrugged off. The agnus gives an increase in progesterone which you also need to help balance you. I have been amazed at the difference.I feel better, I don’t get the wave of anger, emotions and general miserablness and low moods that I had, and that’s over two cycles since I started taking it. It’s started to make me wonder whether my mental health was affected by my period and PMS. No GP ever looked into that.

Ultra bonus, my facial hair is getting better. That’s something hundreds of pounds worth of laser couldn’t cure. What I don’t get is why it’s a well kept secret? My wife heard about it from someone else, who heard about it from someone else. We could be back in the Middle Ages, waiting for someone to come and discover we’re witches peddling magical medicines rather than an era where information is at risk of overload. I don’t get why GPs don’t tell you about, it and why I’ve never seen it mentioned in a women’s magazine? So I wanted to let you know about it, in case it might work for you. Big word of caution here; you should never take anything without checking with your GP it’s OK, particularly if you’re on other medication, and the information I have read says you can’t take it on the contraceptive pill either because it could cause it not to work.  You also can’t take it if you’re pregnant (although hopefully a side effect of 9 months of pregnancy is no PMS!) I’ve also read it can take up to three cycles to or work, although that wasn’t the case for me,. So do your own research before you go out there and buy it in bulk. We buy ours from Amazon and it’s pretty much the cheapest for 60 capsules.

Have you you ever taken Agnus Castus? Does it work for you? If you try it and it does work let me know.



2 thoughts on “Agnus Castus – the PMS wonder cure”

  1. Such a informative read! I suffer from really bad PMS symptoms, so this really did enlighten me. I will be sure to look into Angus Castus more. Thank you for this šŸ™‚

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