The miracle of life

I’ve just become an auntie again for the third time. A proud auntie of a perfect little boy. Some might say the novelty should have worn off now but it never does. To see a little person , with perfect ears, a little nose, a great pair of lungs breathing, feeding and pooing all of it’s own accord and to know it came from a tiny seed and a little egg…to me that’s a miracle. These miracles happen every day all over the world. Tiny babies, learning to breathe and feed and poo. They come into the world and from day one start to learn about life.

For me being an Aunty is a pleasure and a privilege. I love my nieces and nephews. I love to watch them grow and discover and laugh and play. They are lucky, they are very much loved.

When my nephew was born, and when I ever see a newborn, or catch social media feed with new babies, it brings back home the fact that life is so so precious. These babies come into the world having developed from almost scratch in 9 months, totally reliant on us as human beings to keep them alive and safe. Just a bit before those 9 months they didn’t even exist. That’s pretty crazy right? What else is crazy is the times we are living in right now.  We are moving into a time in this world of worry, of hate, of conflict and of fear. Sometimes this can overwhelm me, when I worry what might happen in the next few years in my own country and overseas. Having a new nephew has anchored me as it shows me no-one is born hating, no-one is born in fear, no-one is born to worry. We’re all born equal, and we have a responsibility to all these babies coming into the world  in this climate. #spreadlovenothate


My first hold with my nephew

Someone once said it takes a family to raise a child. I think now in the global world we live in, with access so easily to travel, and social media and our wider communities we could all sign up to spread love. Imagine if everyone you came into contact with you every day smiled at you, and you smiled back? How would you feel? Imagine of the online haters, there was only online lovers ? (Not in the truest sense of the world , that’s already going on – you know what I mean!) . It takes so much energy to expend anger and hate, yet we’re all guilty of it sometimes. When I looked at my nephew for the first time I wanted him to grow up in a world where he’ll only feel love. I imagine millions of aunties across the globe feel like this, and so I take it on board to help you all of them with their wish. I am planning to only show love to all from now on. This will be hard. I have a lot of anger towards the Donald Trumps of this world. I don’t understand them, I don’t like them. Yet by hating, I add more fuel to an already well burning fire. I ask you to do the same. For all those children in the world who do not yet know what it’s like to be hated for the colour of their skin, or their accent, or who they love, or what they are. What do you think? Are you on board with me?


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