The clothes buying ban challenge -3 months in

So how am I getting on, two months into banning myself from buying clothes? Well I have to confess I’ve bought a winter jumper earlier this month. I think I mentioned when I first blogged about this challenge that winter clothes might be a struggle. As I’m not a big fan of winter,  I tend to go into denial and pretend it doesn’t exist. This does leave my wardrobe slightly seasonally challenged. Cue a cold spell and I was struggling to stay warm. I have a couple of thin sweatshirts but nothing thick and woolly which could help prevent a full on freeze through what might be starting to look a lot like a cold spell.

My new woolly jumper , £16 from George at Asda…Bargain!

Rather than um and ah about whether this would forfeit my challenge I bought it. I am now warm! So that’s kind of off track from where I wanted to be, but I am really, really surprised by otherwise how well I am working with this challenge. Bearing in mind I was probably buying four or five items a month of clothing before I stopped in September. Often things were poorly suited to the rest of the items in my wardrobe, or just sat there and didn’t get used as my big favourites kept being worn again and again.

I can’t say there haven’t been times when I’ve opened my favourite websites and saved things to wish lists, but this clothing purchase pause has really helped me see what I love wearing because I go to it again and again as I have no alternatives in buying new ones and also that I need a lot less clothes than I thought. I’ve even managed to pull a few things out that I haven’t worn over the last three months on the premise that if I haven’t worn them now when I’ve not been buying new clothes, then I probably don’t like them very much. I feel that I have more of an idea now about what I love to wear and I am accessorising more with jewellery which is fun.

I have to say I doubted if I’d last the course, and I still have three months and a bit to go, but I am really pleased that I have been able to keep to my plan, with the exception of my jumper. I don’t know what the future beyond the 6 months goes, but I am really interested in the concept of a capsule wardrobe, and I am hoping I can bring that idea to life again going forward. What it’s helped me realise is that actually we don’t need as many clothes as we think, and also for me, there are so many ways to change an outfit, from changing your lipstick to adding a necklace, switching a blazer for a cardigan or mixing up the shoes. For me, what I have also realised over the last few months as well is that I am someone who doesn’t like to throw things away that haven’t reached their natural end. It feels like a waste. I don’t have quite the same relationship with clothes as they can go to a secondhand shop so it makes it easier to recycle and replace. Elsewhere in my life I still have more decluttering to do. I thought my wardrobe saga was my last challenge but actually I need to let go of things that perhaps need to find a new home, but not with me! So the challenges continue! Will give you another update after the winter sales which are likely to be my biggest challenge of this whole process; if it’s half price  I want it. Even if it’s a lime green sequinned bolero! Are any of you taking a purchase pause for any reason? If so, how’s it going?



2 thoughts on “The clothes buying ban challenge -3 months in”

  1. You’re doing well. The thing I find keeps me on track (with minimal clothing purchases) is to buy ethical. People Tree is great – although pricey because it is fairtrade, organic, hand-made, sustainable etc – but you can find some bargains in their sale stuff


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