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Be More Holiday

There’s advert you may have seen on TV called ‘Be more dog’. It’s around the concept that dogs re pretty cool, laidback animals that have a far better adn fun life than a cat. (I actually disagree, our cats would probably also disagree as they get to roam off and explore while the dogs have to stay at home or go on enforced walks in silly jumpers). However the concept is actually a brilliant one and one I want to use in my life after my recent holiday to Madeira. To ‘Be more holiday’.

Where am I going with this? Well on holiday I felt calm, more relaxed, time slowed. I enjoyed the sunshine, the food, I took my time to relax. It got me to thinking that when you’re on holiday, you’re in a different mindset, one where enjoyment is the main objective. You set out to have as much relaxation and fun as is possible. Yet once we get back on the plane or train, or back into the car and go back home, we go back to our responsibilities, the immersion heater on the blink so lack of hot water, the long hours of work and the daily grind that means we need a holiday from it in the first place.

So what if we could be more holiday all the time? Bring that sense of enjoyment and relaxation to every day life? Sure long lie ins and drinking sangria in a can aren’t necessarily something that can be done every day, but actually making time to take a half day off work to have a relaxing lie in or making cocktails just because you can aren’t bad ideas. Appreciating nature, even when it’s raining, and the possibilities of your day are things you do on holiday. Can we do them at home? If you get caught in a downpour on holiday, it’s the perfect excuse for a hot shower, and the colder the rain the more delightful a hot fire, or toasty heating and a hot chocolate with marshmallows seems. There’s plenty of opportunities to get rained on in daily life, but we don’t often see them as an opportunity to get cosied up. Getting up and having your whole day before you and planning to go and do something fun isn’t something most of us do often on weekends or our day off. Instead we fit in all the things we have to do (or think we have to do) and all that cleaning we didn’t get done in the week, and the weekend passes by in a minute of chores and bother.

So I am planning to be more ‘holiday’ and if you fancy joining me here are five ways to get started:

  1. This weekend, instead of worrying about hoovering or tidying up, do an extra 10 minutes of housework each day and then plan a day out       as you would on holiday. Is there anything you fancy doing? Going an visiting a castle, a theme park, a day out in a new city or town for a potter round? Imagine you’re on holiday and look at what’s available in the local area. I can guarantee you’ll find loads you’ve never done
  2. If you’re lucky enough to have a flexible working policy, book yourself a lie in. Rather than jumping out of bed straight away, luxuriate in the warmth, bring yourself a coffee back to bed, buy a paper, watch some awful daytime TV, go for a lovely walk. If you can’t flexibly work, book yourself half a days holiday. If you’ve got kids at school, this is the prime time to go back for an after breakfast nap!
  3. Try a new recipe- often when we’re on holiday we want to try the local food, or something new. Then back at home we’re eating the same food we always do because it’s easy. Pick something a bit more exciting, try a new food, add some side dishes, make the meal a real occasion. Get yourself a bottle of wine. Even if it’s a Wednesday and you really shouldn’t.
  4. Start trying to think and act differently – when on holiday I feel almost like I have a directive to relax and enjoy my time– does it have to be different at home? OK so the pots won’t wash themselves and most of us do have to go to work but can we do that with the mindset of life is for living? Can we do the pots to our favourite music? Can we work in something we truly love so it doesn’t feel like work? Can we use the boring bus journey to dive into a good book? Making the more mundane parts of life more fun can bring out that holiday spirit
  5. Wearing brighter and more fun clothing- So how many of us are guilty of buying new clothes, or wearing brighter clothes or something a bit more daring or unusual on holiday. OK so the chances are you might have been somewhere at least 15 degrees hotter than where you live, however we’re back to this mentality of saving the good bits of life for our holiday. Whilst you might not want to wear your favourite bikini to Tesco’s, try getting your bright maxi dress out or in my case I’m keeping my jungle print trousers out to get me through winter. They probably are as bad as they sound…

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