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A years anniversary and a change of name

It’s a year to the day that I started blogging under hashtagminimalistliving on WordPress. I cannot believe how much the time flies, or what a difference a year makes and probably a million other of those other cliches we roll out from time to time.

The last year has been a big one for me in many ways –  I have probably got rid of half my belongings, stopped watching TV,  acquired two more cats, moved home and deepened my commitment to minimalism and mindfulness.

And it’s here I start to journey down a different path. Whilst I am incredibly committed to minimalism as a concept, and totally believe in the power of the declutter and simple living, it’s the living bit that really gets to me. Living simply has changed my life. It’s that simple. The need to longer keep up with life through the ever negative news culture, to lose the need to buy, buy, buy and to begin to learn treasure simplicity has given me a life rich in people, and in small things such as going for a coffee, taking a walk and playing with my dogs.

In all honest if I invited Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Milburn over for a cuppa, they would probably say I am a hoarder in comparison to their stark, clean,  minimalist lifestyles and I think they would be right in saying so.  Yes we’re minimalists but we have nowhere near 100 items, and although there is definitely a way to go, we’re a lot more comfortable with where we are now and what we own. Our stuff no longer owns us and I believe we have stepped back from the materialist lifestyle we were both so embroiled in. By no means is our quest for minimalism over, but I think it slows down from here on it.

So from here on down I am focussing on my complete passion; mindfulness. I’ve already written about mindfulness this year so it’s not something completely new to the blog but it’s definitely going to feature as a key part of my blogging. This weekend I started on the journey to begin to teach it. Although the UK has no formal qualification process, there is a best practice accreditation register of teachers and this is what I am aiming for. It’s been an incredible weekend to start my journey (more of that in a later  blog) and I want to use my blog to share mindfulness with you, meaning my blog will become more mindful, whilst still keeping minimalism as a key part of my mindfulness.

For those of you who have no idea what I am rabbiting on about mindfulness in its true form is about living in the present, accepting what is, and just ‘being’. Something that sounds incredibly simplistic, but in our current, modern lives, something which is also incredibly hard to do. I hope you will join me on the journey and please if you do want to know about something around minimalism, simple living or mindfulness and would like a blog about it let me know.

So where to from here? It’s a change of name and a change of focus in my blog. My ultimate aim in creating the new name The Mindful Hub is to eventually offer resources such as meditations, quotes and writings alongside my blog so that others can come to find mindfulness and explore if it is for them, but i will be taking it one step at a time. The Mindful Hub is born today, 14/08/2016 and long may she reign.


2 thoughts on “A years anniversary and a change of name”

  1. Hey there. How similar is our journey. I also started decluttering last year and my search for minimalism turned into my search for mindfulness now. I don’t know I could ever achieve it if I had done it differently. And I believe “the minimalists” wouldn’t ever judge us, look at how much progress we’ve made!


    1. Hey, thanks for sharing. How strange we came the same way, maybe it’s a good route to start? I’d never thought of that. Great to be on the journey with you, Jo x

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