The personal uniform; is it working for me?


So I’ve been trying to follow the concept of a personal uniform for about 2 months now and I thought I would update you on how it’s going and share my experiences in case you’re also trying it out.

For those of you who haven’t read my series on the personal uniform; it’s a very clear idea of how you dress and pretty much adopting a ‘uniform’ style you wear every day.

For me I’ve struggled with that. In fact my wardrobe is now fuller than it has been for a long while (note – this is due to the stress of moving home –I buy clothes when I am stressed. Don’t shoot me I am a minimalist in training, and I realise the error of my ways just not quite how to fix them yet!) I’ve found it hard to let go of old favourites in different colours and styles and have ended up with a mish mash of colours, shapes and styles a lot of which I have actually worn in the last few weeks, albeit perhaps in rebellion at the idea of throwing them out.

However there are some areas where this concept is really working for me. The colour palette for example; I chose a nautical palette of blues, white, red and yellow. I am finding the red and yellow hard to use in clothing because of my skin tone, so I’m using those as accessory colours, having found a great mustard colour bag, and lusting after some red Vans. When it comes to shopping I am focussing much more on those colours though and this is really reducing my buying things that won’t suit me, or that I won’t wear after five minutes of buying. I think I want to add in another cool toned colour, maybe a green to the palette, but the blues and white, with red and yellow as accessory accents are definitely working well.

Shape wise, I’m on track with that too…again this really helps when buying new stuff. A-line or fit and flare dresses, shirts and fitted trousers are mainly what I have in my wardrobe and what I seem to be buying so this is a good fit for me (pardon the pun!)

From a pattern perspective I’m all over the place. I have a lot of graphic patterns left over from previous pattern adventures which I am still emotionally hanging onto for some reason and this will be a letting go exercise before we move. I have found it really hard to identify patterns that were as prescriptive as nautical themes and birds, and although there are stripes everywhere and I have a lovely striped dress from asos Curve now, I am conscious that I don’t want a wardrobe full of stripes. I think from a pattern point of view, I want to go back to Caroline at Unfancy’s idea of one ‘out there’ item, one ‘middle of the road’ and one neutral.

In short: I like the idea of a very pared down wardrobe, I am just not very good at it yet. I have a lot of clothes from the last few years, and believe me I have got rid of so many, but the concept of a personal uniform is something I welcome. It just needs adapting; a slightly different colour pallete, less rigidity on patterns, keep the shapes. me and my wardrobe need to talk. There’s a lot of stuff in there that doesn’t fit, but as we’re hopefully moving in the next couple of months it provides a prime opportunity to get rid of what’s holding me back.

Have you tried it? Are you having more success than me or is it just too much work keeping it so simple?


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