Personal Uniform: How to choose your shapes (Series; Part 4)


In one of my last posts about personal uniform (for now anyway!) I’m discussing shapes. For those of you who like me who need to use clothes to accent what we have and reign in what we have a bit too much of then the shape and cut of our clothes are key.

I think in a personal uniform, most people have one or two styles and items they go to again and again and again and that is also going to be my mantra.

Four key items

An a-line knee length dress which basically highlights the waist but skims hips and belly. Preferably with pockets. I love pockets in a dress. This is not a dealbreaker however.

Leggings/Jeggings or skinny jeans/trousers- No I don’t care that I am not a size 8. I like fitted trousers.

Loose shirt/tunic/top – to go with skinny jeans/leggings etc. I will wear a loose shirt, or a tunic, or a longline top which sits just below my belly and covers that, as I prefer it not to be on show

A fitted blazer or waterfall cardigan – Great for those cool days, a fitted jacket can smarten up an outfit, and a waterfall cardigan dress it down.

I have decided on these items in a couple of ways;

They are the styles I have in my wardrobe, my go-to’s when I buy something and the clothes I always feel most comfortable and confident in.

They can be styled up or down for day, night, glamorous occasions , casual suppers,mixed and matched. I can cover up what I want to and show what I want to…

My ultimate uniform aims to look like this, although I am not expecting to look as cool, or as on trend in any way, shape or form!






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