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Did we go TV free?

So the final decision has been made! We can live without TV! Our month’s trial is coming to an end and we’ve both decided we’re not going to go back to watching TV.

In all honesty I have hardly missed it. There has been the odd time when I’ve gone in to switch it on, but it hasn’t been as difficult, or awful as I thought it might. I also thought I might watch a lot more on catchup on my tablet, but I haven’t. What have I done instead in this cold, barren TV less zone?!

Had dinner at a proper dining table, sometimes with wine! EVERY night (the dinner, not the wine. That’s one habit replaced with a whole other one otherwise!)

Socialised with friends, caught up on volunteering tasks I had to do (I volunteer for an animal rescue group and never have enough time to do my tasks), took the day more slowly because I had no programmes I just had to make sure I ‘caught up on’.

My wife and I have been out for more meals, to the cinema, on walks and just general quality time as opposed to sitting next to each other on our phones not speaking.

Read more, although not as much as I thought I would. Time seems to run away with me

Blogged more – Really pleased about this one. I hope you are too!

Spent more time with our cats and dogs, and as we have six, that’s a tough one usually!

Listened to more music, radio podcasts and  Youtube soundscapes such as rainforests, windchimes and rain. That is part of my mindfulness practice and so makes me feel very worthy when I actually get to do it!

So our TV trial is over, and we are going TV free. That’s £150 saved on a TV licence every year, and so many hours of our life reclaimed which we can do more with.

Do you think we’re crazy? How would you feel if you had to cut down your TV? Do you want to or does the idea of it just make you shudder in horror?




2 thoughts on “Did we go TV free?”

    1. Wow, growing up without a TV is almost unheard of in the UK! I guess like you say you’re used to it. Maybe he can be weaned off slowly 🙂 I’m loving your posts by the way! I didn’t envy your decluttering the other day! best wishes. Jo, x

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