A Personal Uniform; the next step from a capsule wardrobe? (Series; Part 1)

In my last blog post on capsule wardrobes I mentioned that the reason I think a capsule wasn’t working for me right now is because nothing is pulled together. I have a real mismatch of colours, styles, textures and patterns and it’s not looking good.

So whenever I need some inspiration I turn to my old favourite Pinterest, which provides me with most of life’s wisdom, particularly when it comes to minimalism and simple living.

I found a new concept I’ve not heard of before, which really interested me; a personal uniform. I’d not heard of it before so did a bit of research. French style seems to be everyone’s personal favourite. Depending on which blog or website you look at everyone has something slightly different to say about it. Some people say it’s one outfit you wear every day. Some people say it’s a small set of colour or styles you frequently wear. Apparently according to Who What Wear- What is my style uniform? one lady wore the same thing every day for three years. Boring. If you read Simone Kitchens article My uniform style has changed my life, it’s about having a simple style, one look for summer (long, flowing dresses) and one for winter, (Jeans and a boxy, oversized sweater). Still not what I want…the how to of a personal uniform tells me how. So now I am getting somewhere.

And then my old favourite came back into the blogosphere at exactly the same time I was considering this whole uniform business…Caroline from  Unfancy was one of my biggest inspirations in creating my capsule wardrobe. I used her suggestions and her wardrobe planner. I love her style and her simplicity. And she’s literally just back and blogging again after what sounds like a difficult time. Her new posts? All about the personal uniform. It must be fate! You can check out her series here ; Unfancy Personal Uniform Series.

A personal uniform feels so right for me. I feel a real lack of structure and clarity to my clothes, and my style. I am a plus size woman, and good quality, stylish clothes can be hard to find. Most retailers think a linen sack is good enough. As a minimalist, I still love clothes. I just want less of them. I also want to put them on and think ‘Oh yeah, you’re rocking it today!’ when I look in the mirror. Newsflash, fat women can learn to love their bodies and the way they wear clothes. This woman with her fabulous style and outfit blog taught me that.

So I have started to think about what will my uniform look like? I am so excited to think and plan it. It’s a big subject that I don’t think can be dealt with in one blog post. I have Pinterest boards to show  you, places where you can design your own colour charts, uniform patterns, styles and accessories, so I can’t fit it all in. So I am following in the Unfancy footsteps of creating a series. The next part will be all about colour…

Do any of you have personal uniforms? Would you like to, but just don’t know where to start? Hopefully some of the links above will give you some inspiration!




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