Why a capsule wardrobe isn’t working for me


I am still working on my capsule wardrobe and as we come into spring I am finding it fairly easy to stick to 40 items (That’s what I have determined I need with cardigans and coats etc.). This gives me lots of choice, I have analysed every item, do I love the clothes (mostly yes, although the odd one has sneaked in from a practical perspective and will probably end up being turfed out next capsule) but I feel sadly lacking and not like I’ve got a great mix and match wardrobe I love that will last me until May.

So why is this? I loved my first capsule back in Autumn. It felt liberating, fresh and exciting. I styled up, down and sideways and made the most of everything. Come winter I wasn’t feeling it and by spring I just look at my capsule and it doesn’t inspire me, yet I have individually taken everything out my wardrobe and decided on every piece. I’m buying better quality and less disposable one season clothes on a regular basis.

Time for a forensic examination of my clothes; why isn’t this capsule stuff working for me? Turns out the answer was staring me in the face; It might all be great individually but it just doesn’t go together. I have no individual ‘style’ , only some of it matches and about
60 per cent of it is blue. I like blue . Its my favourite colour (clearly) but actually what I am ending up in is a blue dress with a blue cardigan and a blue coat. No wonder I feel drab and a bit like a Smurf!

Looking at my clothes there’s no thread, no style. I go from a wild green and yellow animal print dress to a chiffon floral shirt in black and pink to a blue shift to a red spotted peplum top. There’s a lack of clarity, too much of one colour and not a whole lot of style or coordination. I’ve lost sight of the bigger picture. It’s not just about each piece, its about the whole story. The pulling together of a style. Here’s a prime example. I went through a bit of a rock chick stage for a few seasons, nothing in my wardrobe says rock chick apart from a pair of black jeans and a leather jacket. I ask my wife what she thinks my style is and she says ethnic. Who ever heard of rock ethnic? So its time for a complete style reexamination. I’ve done a whole load of research and I’ve settled on the the concept of a personal uniform. Read all about the concept, the style I’ve chosen and how I’m going to use it in my next blog.

Let me know if you’re struggling with the whole capsule wardrobe idea. It’s not as easy as it looks is it?


2 thoughts on “Why a capsule wardrobe isn’t working for me”

  1. My entire wardrobe is smaller than a 40piece capsule but I took inspiration from your use of accessories. I absolutely love my colourful scarves and chunky necklaces now. I get so many compliments but in reality I only have a base of about 5 outfits but nobody notices. Keep at it. You have great style x

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