Mindfulness, Minimalism

Children are mindful experts



I spent a day in the company of some of my favourite people yesterday, including my little nephew and niece who teach me endlessly about how great simple living is. They are an inspiration and I realised yesterday that children are mindful experts; what we strive to be through meditation and mindful walking and movement and living in the present, they excel at every day.

Yesterday we took the kids to an aquarium, which they loved. Then we took them for hot chocolates. Which they also loved. Finally when the absolutely driving rain hitting the windows in this beautiful coastal town stopped we took them for a run on a wet beach. They were besides themselves with joy. Give them a stick and get them to draw in the sand and the 30 quid spent on seals and fish and hot drinks was forgotten in a second as they ran hollering and whooping as Uncle Nathan ran after them and pretended he was stuck in quick sand. Kids don’t need money, they don’t need complicated gadgets or toys. Give them a wet beach and an uncle that will chase them about and that’s the bit they loved the best.

We had an absolutely ace day. Me and my niece fell asleep on the way home from the fresh air, and my nephew chattered on to the wife. After a final feed and being packed home I expected them to tell Daddy all about their day, what they had been up to and what they enjoyed. But no. It was over. They’d lived it to the fullest and enjoyed every bracing, exhilarating minute of it but now it was time to play with toys, give Daddy a cuddle and watch some goody triumph over some baddy on a cartoon.

I left being truly amazed by them. Why can we as adults not live like that? So totally in the moment we are full of joy. My nephew doesn’t like school because and  I quote ‘I don’t like writing’, but he wasn’t worrying about that whilst poking his stick at a shell. He was totally there, and feeling everything about that moment.

Kids are a true inspiration to people like me who seek to be mindful. To not worry about tomorrow, or what happened yesterday is to lift a weight like a tonne of rocks from your shoulders. And for the record I was also whooping and hollering and running on the beach and I felt that true moment of joy. So it’s still within us all, just waiting to be allowed to be set free


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