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Pass the sweetener? Living the sugar free life

It’s been a month now since myself and my wife went sugar free, or as free as it’s possible to get without cutting 90% of the food of the western world out. For those of you who don’t spend hours scouring the back of cornflake packets or bread bags, we are kicking out processed foods, but not bread because I think we’d spend a lifetime mourning, and all kind of sweet treats such as cakes, biscuits, sweets, desserts, yoghurts, ketchups (yes you hear me right!). I would like to categorically state at this point I will not be giving up alcohol, which yes is full of sugar but I only drink it rarely and it doesn’t have the same effect on me as a bag of Revels so it’s staying!

Ironically we chose to start this massive lifestyle change the week the Department of Health launched their sugar smart app.


I am pretty cynical of anything the Department of Health do around sugar, because I think they should be hitting the people who put sugar in everything first, before getting all of us to be scanning yoghurt pots and biscuit packets, but it was actually an eye opener, and whoa did it help us through our first week as we realised how much sugar we consume.

sugar addiction

And for those minimalists of you who are looking for decluttering in this post. We’ve started on decluttering our bodies…once you start looking at what sugar does to you, and how much is hidden in things you don’t even expect it to be in, such as bread, pasta sauce and soup, it opens up your eyes to this world of doped up sugar driven zombies we’ve become. Decluttering the body is good for the soul and all that kind of thing.

If you’re interested in how shite sugar is for you, take a look at this which pretty much kept me on track for the first difficult 21 days


Anyway we’re not going to be getting up on our soapbox any time soon. It’s bloody hard. It’s my third time of doing it – the most I’ve ever been sugar free is a year, and I fell off the wagon spectacularly around the time I met my wife. The first few days this time were some kind of hell; flu symptoms, exhaustion, irritability, aching body, desperate dreams about liquorice allsorts and strawberry laces, but we have got through those, cue next nothing that passes for a treat without making you bloat and giving you wind in the form of a poison called aspartame or sucharin which is most sugar free items. Then we found Stevia chocolate; Oh Stevia chocolate how we love you, your ability to keep us sane, when everyone around us is eating Yorkies.


So has it been worth it? I feel great, in all honesty. Whilst I would like to think I’d dropped to a size 16 overnight that hasn’t happened, there has been a bit of weight loss, but i am not doing it for that, and aside from trying to eat healthier foods, I don’t watch my weight. However the other benefits have been massive; I no longer feel  like I am waking up from a coma, I have more energy, and I no longer salivate at any bit of cake put in front of me.

I hope I can tell you on this blog in six months time, and 12 months, and 2 years that I am still sugar free. That wagon is remarkably rocky and I know I can fall off at any time. All the things that addicts are told to do to avoid the booze and drugs can’t really apply on this one; avoid places where they sell it? A bit of a tough one. Change your friends? Not sure I know anyone who doesn’t eat it? Move away from bad influences? You’re never more than 50 feet from a Tesco these days. No, it’s going to come down to the sheer ability not to put it in my mouth…let’s see how it goes eh?




2 thoughts on “Pass the sweetener? Living the sugar free life”

  1. For me, the hard point is tea. I LOVE hot tea… with sugar. I’ve tried tea without sugar and I think it’s rather gross. I’d tried honey and do not like the honey taste in my tea. I don’t like cream or creamer in my tea. Just sugar, which I know isn’t good for me.


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