The End of my September Challenge

I’ve been recording all of my spending during September. I’ve done this completely freely and without any editing so that I can review what I truly spend…and it’s pretty interesting reading.

I’ve included everything down to the last penny that’s outside of my normal bills, which includes some money for grocery shopping. Anything above that I have added in here. It was a tough month as we had a car service so that was £600 I wasn’t expecting to pay.

My biggest surprises aren’t what I thought they’d be. i actually thought coffee would be higher. Eating out isn’t very high because we can’t do much of it at the moment. The biggest surprises were pet supplies (most of our pet stuff is covered in our groceries bill, such as food etc.) so I am totally over indulging these little fluffballs! I also spent lots on birthday presents this month, which isn’t a usual spend. So below is my spend, how does this sit with yours? I’m still recording Octobers, and currently I am not putting a caveat on spending apart from what I think I can afford…I am planning to set a budget next year so this is a good habit to get into! What do you spend most on?

£24.60   – Coffees and office tea kitty

£69.50- Eating Out

£74.96 – Extra Groceries (e.g. for packed lunches, extra dog and cat food, treats etc.)

£13.98 – Books and Magazines

£46.26- Pet items

£14.13- Snacks on the run

£19.00 home and garden stuff

£60-  birthday  presents and cards

£ 90  clothing

£ 35  – haircut

£604 Car and Travel

£11.71 – Donations

TOTAL – 1063.14


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