Number 2 in the magic 10 is here, on the heels of a sloppy curry

I’ve been beavering away in my quest for minimalism and working on finding my second of the 10 meals that will become my repertoire…

First up was a vegetable curry…I’ve made it many times so was fairly confident it would make it into repertoire but a reminder of I’m looking for;

  • Quick
  • Healthy
  • Simple
  • Flavoursome

Against this criteria the curry simply doesn’t stack up, there’s sauteeing, broths, simmering, rice or bread, and getting the spice mix just right. We ended up with a flavourless broth after an hours cooking, more a soup than a curry. I realised the cooking process needs to be under half an hour for me to commit to it. I am not the person who slaves away for 3 hours to make a sumptious meal.

It also needs to have texture and flavour. I want crunch or munch. Not slop

So I’ve had another go with something completely different; halloumi with couscous and pan fried vegetables. It’s quick, really quick….so simple and it is definitely the meal that has gone down the best so far. The saltiness of the halloumi sits so well against the Ainsley Harriett Moroccan couscous that we used which had mint and lemon flavours. We used red pepper and cherry tomatoes, but you could roast some vegetables, which would be lovely, or the original recipe suggested steamed broccoli.

The final result; no leftovers, one happy wife, one great meal, and 2 recipes in my repertoire…so now I am on the hunt for my next recipe…I thinking some sort of dry noodle meal…any suggestions? It needs to be vegetarian.

I am heading to a Vegan Cookery course in Sheffield in September and hoping to get some ideas for some more of my recipes…

Anyone else have a specific group of meals you prepare on rotation or is it just me?

Image from (I forgot to take a photo!)


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