The Trials and Tribulations of my Autumn Wardrobe Capsule

The start of September heralds many things; the nights drawing in, the weather getting colder, better stuff on TV. It is also the second of my capsule wardrobe installments. Initially I was going to share with you how I’d done it, what I was wearing this autumn and how you could have a go at yourself. However it’s not gone well. As I mentioned in a previous blog I am starting a new job tomorrow and so my use of the Unfancy principles have gone a bit to pot.

I think my problem is I’ve been going too much by the rules…by how many tops, how many bottoms etc. Have a look at this…

I used this as a plan for the first capsule I ever started in June, and it worked really well. It all went well to start with and I’ve found the first steps  I use always works

Step 1

2015-08-25 12.29.44

Take everything you have out of your wardrobe and plonk it on the bed for a full review

Step 2

2015-08-25 13.21.05

Put clothes in 4 piles – charity shop, keep in wardrobe, put away for another season, not sure.

Once you’ve got down to the basics you want to keep, it’s a case of identifying what you need to complement what you’re keeping in your capsule , or what you’re re-introducing from storage. If you’ve got an unsure pile, imagine yourself wearing it, and thinking ‘Do I love it? Does it make me happy?’ If not, out it goes.

I like the Unfancy idea of storing some clothes each season so you don’t get bored of them, and re-introducing them as a nice surprise. I found a green dress I’d stored last season which I loved and had totally forgotten about.

A surprise from my capsule storage
A surprise from my capsule storage

I am going to layer this up with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath and cardigan on top to make it autumn proof.

It sounds like it was going well so far right? I had identified some keepers…classics like the denim shirt, and denim dress which I wear all the time

One of my keepers - Classic denim
One of my keepers – Classic denim

What I found though is that most of the clothes I had were very summery and light, and that I had little that would stand the cold, damp British autumn. So I started to panic about what I needed and how I could afford it. Sadly the start of a September capsule also coincides with the end of the summer sales which meant I thought I would get a bit of a bargain to top up my wardrobe. Big mistake…the key to a capsule wardrobe is good quality basics, not end of summer bargains.

Next I followed the Unfancy rule to the letter about the type of clothes to have in a capsule…Tops, bottoms, dresses, etc…I don’t wear T-shirts or often shirts but I created a wardrobe for myself that fitted to ‘the rules’  not necessarily to what works for me…Caroline is a freelancer who works from home, so has a wardrobe that is full of classic basics, and more on the casual side. I am starting a new job working full time in an office with a smart casual dress code. Cue another Ebay splurge to try and top up the wardrobe with appropriate work wear.

The good news I have reflected on all this, and am going to make adjustments for the winter season. I also think perhaps four seasons is unnecessary for British weather, and that three might be better, but I will run four for this year and evaluate. Lessons I have learned in this capsule;

  1. One size does not fit all
  2. I need a seperate mini work wardrobe, or additional clothes to compensate for working in an office
  3. The British climate is different! Seasons don’t start and end at the same time as they’re supposed to each year

My Capsule – Autumn 2015

9 pairs of shoes – Vans, Converse, red loafers, black chelsea boots, black ballet flats, leopard print boots, navy shiny vans style slip-ons, shoe boots, black studded flats

8 dresses – Denim dress, green digital print dress, black dress for dinners/nights out, black classic dress, cat print dress, black floral print shirt dress, black and blue colour block dress

6 bottoms – black jeggings, oxblood jeggings, black leggings, print trousers, black cigarette trousers, navy chinos

15 tops ; 3 shirts – denim, red and black check and floral chiffon

5 tunics – paisley tunic, navy multicoloured tunic, black tunic, a cream and navy tunic from Monsoon

5 Tops – khaki top with leather pockets, navy tunic, long sleeved t-shirt, navy print tunic

2 cardigans – cream and navy long cardigan, black cardigan

2  jumpers – black jumper, grey sweater

2 jackets/coats – Velvet black jacket, leopard and black print rain mac

I will blog a few of the items over the season so you can see how I am putting them together.

I’ve ended up with 42 items, and a lot of things in blue and black, and to be honest, one of the reasons I loved my first wardrobe was it was full of items I loved…this wardrobe feels a bit cobbled together with sticking plaster options. There’s always next season…


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