Changing Sides – Moving from part time to full time work

Two weeks today I will undertake what feels like a very big change for me. I will be moving from working part time to going back to full time work. There’s lots of reasons I have to make this shift. The main one being that my current job is a national role with lots of travel and I need and want to be home more for my family.

I have had 18 months of being able to work part time, and I’m well aware this is a distant fantasy or luxury for many, but i have been able to do it through cutting down my lifestyle and living costs, and because I moved in with my wife so my costs were less. I also had a wage which gave me that luxury. But times are changing. I have made the decision that being at home, walking to work and not being away overnight  every week are more important. That sounds like I’m choosing work/life balance right? However I am going to be working 11 more hours a week which feels limiting. I also feel like the goal I wanted to achieve by the time I was 40, of working part time, has been given to me and then snatched away again, which makes me feel a bit of a failure.

So how am I going to turn this into a positive? And how can I keep or even increase work/life balance and look at someday returning to working part time?

At these points I always turn to those who have done it before me; Blonde on a Budget, Zen Habits, and other great bloggers who can advise from experience, both painful and joyful.

So from Blonde on a Budget- if I can get my debts and my outgoings down and increase my income I am going to be on the right route. Plus I could do a year long shopping ban which is going to really help me with that. I’ll be honest, the thought of a year long shopping ban really scares me. Truly. Does it scare you? The thought of being hampered by spending, although so freeing makes me break out in a cold sweat. So of course I need to try this out. Push myself. So from September 1st I am going to try a month long shopping ban. I will blog on September 1st about how I am going to go about it, how I am feeling and what exceptions there will be if any, and then throughout the month on how I am doing, and how it’s going and I promise to be brutally honest! Any money I would have spent will go towards paying off my fairly big credit card bill.

From Zen Habits – cutting out the unnecessary gives me the time I lose in my 11 hours to truly have work life balance. Cut back on the hours I spend on social media and limit myself to a period of time, unnecessary surfing, procrastination, bad habits such as sitting and watching TV I don’t even like. So I am going to see if in September I can also give myself 11 hours a week of meaningful stuff; whether that’s my writing, walking, a coffee and a day dream or some other such lovely thing. I think that’s going to be quite hard, but if I can do it, suddenly working full time won’t seem as hard.

The bonus of working full time is I’m really feeling excited about the challenges of my new role, I get to walk to work every day which will give me some great meaningful time if I can make it work for me, and I won’t be travelling. So when I finish work, I finish work.

Please follow my blog, and you can find out how I get on with these two tasks in September!


2 thoughts on “Changing Sides – Moving from part time to full time work”

  1. Moving from part-time to a full-time position is a major change indeed. Probably not just in terms of actual increase in working hours. It may include daily commute, interpersonal relationships at work, work expectations and responsibilities… Of course, with planning, things will work out over time. We have been programmed to be adaptable afterall 🙂 Best Wishes!!

    P.S. Just to share that some people feel that work and life cannot be balanced. However, work and life can probably be “integrated” to enhance quality of life. You can read about work-life integration – https://hbr.org/2014/10/what-successful-work-and-life-integration-looks-like.html


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