And out it goes…

So as you know part of my minimalist living journey is about living with less ‘stuff’. I’ve been really inspired by a blog by fellow Yorkie Catherine, who’s blog Mindful Minimalism talks about reducing her belongings quite radically. I think it was her who inspired me to get serious about decluttering.

I have tried different methods. One of the first was getting rid of one thing a day for 90 days. However this really didn’t work for me. Once I got stuck in I wanted to get rid of lots, and then if i was busy I didn’t do any for days.

Now I tend to hit one drawer, cupboard or corner at a time and try and be ruthless. The two questions I ask are ‘Do I love it? Do I need it?’ and if not it goes. This is the second lot of car boot sale stuff we’ve had this summer. I start a box and just put things in I think we won’t need (and if the wife agrees, otherwise I might find myself in the doghouse!), and then if we do it comes out again. I have to say it mostly stays in the box! I can’t believe how much clutter I keep, or have kept through the years. I think some of it is impulse, and some of it is just a case of if there’s a drawer it can go in I can think about it later.

There’s something really satisfying about removing all these things from our home, and really weird how we don’t miss any of it. Now I have hit the hard stuff though; things I keep for sentimental reasons, gifts and things that aren’t old, broken or unused? So where do I go from here? One of my main reasons for decluttering is so we can live simply, with better energy, more light, more space and so we don’t have to buy more storage, and a bigger house to put it all in. I need to find a way to work out how to move on. I want to only have objects in my life that mean something. That I love, or that I use all the time. Anything else  can go in those car boot sale boxes.

Car Boot stuff

So onto a new box…


4 thoughts on “And out it goes…”

    1. Thanks. I’m loving your post on technology. Think I am going to be using that for my 11 hours of meaningful activity a week challenge!


  1. It is much harder after the first “easy” wave. I’ve found that I find a ‘key’ in one place and then it unlocks a different area. For example working out it was the association to memories that kept my little black dress in my wardrobe, unlocked books from my bookcase. Decluttering my crafty fantasy future self has allowed me to contemplate decluttering my fantasy future Nigella!

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