Facing up to the reality I can’t cook-won’t cook and the lure of Tupperware

I feel like I’m on a roll at the moment. Today I have decluttered the cutlery drawer to within an inch of it’s life, getting rid of a garlic press…great gadget, hardly ever use it, some BBQ tongs; same, and a load of batteries that we have had in that drawer since we moved in three years ago.

I am great at getting rid of stuff now, but not so good at not buying completely random unneeded things. Today I was lured by some Tupperware in Adsa. First problem, it’s half price. If you’re anything like me, the lure of the sale sticker can be too much. Half price? What a bargain I think. No matter I will never use said item, and it will be then decluttered in a later fling out of items I ‘no longer’ use.

So I see this Tupperware box. It’s got a flip top lid at the front. So not only can you store things in, but it’s easily accessible! I have visions of cat food and cereal being easily poured from this amazing item, saving time and effort every morning. Just as I am imagining this enlightening life changing scene, my wife poured cold water on the idea by saying ‘What’s wrong with the box that it came in?’ Suddenly all my heightened ideas of space saving and time saving crashed and burned as I realised she was right, it’s a complete opposite to my plan of #minimalistliving and I left it on the shelf.

Another object of my attentions today has been my recipe box. I mentioned in my first blog I want to simplify my eating habits (as does my wife) and so I am planning to learn by heart 10 healthy and tasty recipes that I can rotate with her hearty cooking, the odd take away and meal out. My plan is I will be effortlessly prepared, cook more, eat more healthily and  have a rotation of 10 meals giving me a more simplified life. This process involves being realistic, which is somewhat painful I find. As I opened my recipe box I had to face up to the fact that I am never going to cook a warm pea and mint salad? It’s not going to come up trumps on a cold Tuesday in Yorkshire. Endless stews – out. Easy but apparently not that appetising according to the wife. Am I ever going to make my own doughnuts? No. Ditto Falafel.

After sifting through every recipe I have meticulously collected over a probable 10 year period I am down to about 10. Sadly half of those are fruit crumbles and the rest are soups. Back to the drawing board!



4 thoughts on “Facing up to the reality I can’t cook-won’t cook and the lure of Tupperware”

  1. I would be very interested in seeing what your eventual ten recipes end up being! Facing up to kitchen reality *is* hard sometimes. It’s often worth it in the end, but hard to let go of years of plans and intentions to somehow be a better foodie.


    1. Hi

      I will indeed post my 10 chosen recipes here. Thanks for the great idea! I am vegetarian so they’re going to be specifically veggie based, and thinking one will be a curry, and one a caponata. Think i will blog each one and take a pic. Thanks for inspiring me!



  2. My go to quick, easy and healthy veggie recipe (that takes a lot less than 30 minutes) is Spaghetti, egg and spinach. Cook the spaghetti, drain and put back in the pan. Break an egg into it and mix it. The pasta heat usually cooks it through but you can always add a low heat. Meanwhile wilt spinach in the microwave and then mix it through. Season. Done 🙂

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