Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Last season I decided to embrace the concept of a capsule wardrobe, and brave the serious reduction of clothes in my wardrobe which always seem to be packed, full of stuff I didn’t want to wear, and a source of frustration.

A quick flick on Pinterest (my favourite inspiration for minimalism, capsule wardrobes and simple living) and I found a load of people who were living the capsule lifestyle. Most of them are in America, and often that means capsules need amending, particularly with our beautiful British weather. However one blog stood head and shoulders among the rest, and has pretty much revolutionlised my life. Unfancy. A pretty cool, laid back wardrobe of a home working freelancer who blogs all her outfits to show you how it can be done and provides a fabulous ‘How-to’ guide to building a capsule. Check it out at www.un-fancy.com

THe Capsule Wardrobe

So I decided to have a go with a summer wardrobe. First of all I brought out all of my clothes on the bed – almost burying Sophie the pomchi in the process. There was a lot…I also decided to dispense with plastic hangers and invest in wooden ones. Somehow that seemed like a way of feeling  my £20 quid dress was a bit more luxury.

Using Caroline from Unfancy’s guidelines I built my wardrobe into 37 pieces; 9 pairs of shoes, 2 coats, 15 tops, 6 bottoms, and 5 dresses. Accessories are unlimited, a bit like a Premier Inn Breakfast, all you can wear but don’t pile on too much.

Her idea of the rule of 3 is great. Have one statement piece, one plain neutral and one in between. In my summer capsule I followed the 37 pieces to the letter, and found that pretty much it does work for me. However as I have a more corporate job I have created a mini work capsule. I work from home about 50% of the time, so this is only a small proportion of my clothing. However moving jobs in September means I am going to have to rethink the autumn version.

Having a capsule wardrobe means I haven’t bought clothes in the 3 months since I set up my summer capsule. I ignore the emails that spill into my inbox offering me the latest style, 20% off and a guaranteed fun summer and know that come September I can rejig, buy a few new things, rest my summer stuff, and feel like I have a whole load of new outfits. The downside to my capsule is as a plus size woman I can’t seem to find good quality basics. Caroline from Unfancy’s blog follows the rule of investing in key basics that are good quality and last and last. Unfortunately the fast fashion on the plus size world doesn’t offer me that as yet. A gap in the market?

So I will share with you my autumn capsule which is coming up soon. Have you tried a capsule with success? Or found it’s just not for you? If it’s something you hanker after go and download the Unfancy guide and have a go. I feel like I really know my style now after using her guides. I like strong colours, even strong neutrals, print, texture and denim. Using my new found knowledge I  can test this against everything I buy and wear. And the result? A minimalist wardrobe. Result

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3 thoughts on “Creating a Capsule Wardrobe”

  1. Really loved reading about a capsule wardrobe. If anything, I have too little. Do you have any pics of your outfits to share to show how it works?


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