Clearing the Clutter

When I started thinking about living a minimalist or a more simple lifestyle, one thing I knew was I wanted to live in a simpler physical environment.

Clutter surrounds us all. We often don’t notice it, but it creeps into our psyche, making us feel itchy, anxious, a bit ‘to-do’. In fact studies tell us that it’s harder to sleep in a cluttered bedroom, and much less productivity happens in a cluttered office.

I have found it difficult to be surrounded by clutter for a while now. I didn’t realise at first what it was. However I started to get anxious if there were lots of things lying around, clothes piled up, draws stuffed with things I don’t use, even hidden in cupboards started to make me feel uncomfortable. However to get rid of it felt really hard.

Everywhere we go we’re encouraged to acquire ‘stuff’, new clothes, changing your home decor every season, that gadget you can’t live without, the storage boxes to put all the ‘stuff’ in , and then ultimately you’re sold the bigger house with more storage to accumulate all your ‘stuff’; a consumerism wet dream. In fact storage warehouse companies are growing at a mammoth rate as people acquire more and more things and have to store their old ones in these giant metal storage boxes.

I seem to spend my life re-organising my ‘stuff’, finding new homes for things, shifting one draw of detritus to another. I’m fed up. I want to be a consumerism nightmare. I want to be able to have my belongings fit in four cardboard boxes. I have made a good start, but wanted to get this blog up and running to record my continued belonging purge, as well as the other areas of my life I want to ‘minimalise’.

So what is the aim of all this minimalism? Do I want to lead a smaller life? Am I hoping to live in a white box and accumulate money I don’t spend? No. I want to lead a life full of the things I love; to be able to write uninterruptedly, to spend more time with my wife, family and friends,  to give more to my animals and volunteer to look after others who don’t have homes, take long walks, eat lovely food, read, take siestas and generally live a full life of experiences rather than material goods.

I’ve got lots of ideas, but it will be good to hear from others of you on the same journey or perhaps a slightly different one. I’ve got loads of inspiration from others so far;

Below are some of my favourites

blondeonabudget.ca – I love her year long shopping ban

Mindfulminimalism.co.uk – A fellow Yorkie who is on a mission to clear her life of clutter

zenhabits – A really thought provoking blog which I often use to help my minimalist living

Everyday life on a shoestring – Great tips for living simply and being a minimalist

This week I am really proud of myself. We have a big chest of drawers which has four big drawers and two smaller ones. I have the full chest of drawers to myself, and my wife had a smaller one which was falling apart. I am very territorial over my space and always have been. However I felt it was time to really embrace what I am trying to achieve. I have got down to one drawer, and have given my wife the other four. It doesn’t seem much right? But I feel so free, like I own the possessions and they don’t own me any more.  Below is some of the stuff I am getting rid of…why did I even keep it? How many of you have stuff like this collecting dust in your homes?

I have a long long way to go. I would really like to have only a few possessions I treasure, but I also have some other goals for my #minimalistliving. I think goals are important as they give you a focus to achieve, and something to measure my achievements against.

What does #minimalistliving mean to me?

#minimalistfinance – No debts, low monthly expenditure allowing me to do the things I want

#minimalistbelongings -Owning only the things  I love and really need

#minimalisteating – Having a suite of good and healthy recipes I know off by heart so I eat healthily and well, without complication

#minimalisthome – Having a small home that meets our needs, but that doesn’t take up all our time, energy and money

#minimalistlifestyle – Only doing the things I love, rather than taking on lots of commitments, and surplus activities

#minimalistwardrobe – Following the Unfancy capsule wardrobe concept

What does #minimalistliving mean to you?


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